In this month’s CitNOW Newsletter, discover the most asked questions around dealerships moving into an increasingly digital world.
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October 2019
Drive Vauxhall Roadshow report
In May we completed the Drive Vauxhall Roadshow. During the tour we worked with dealerships to provide training on video best practice, upsell enchanements and how to deliver a great customer experience. Learn more in our blog.
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Join us at AM Live, November 7th
Taking place at the NEC in Birmingham, we will be attending AM Live for the fourth year in a row. Our CEO, Alistair Horsburgh, will be exploring the modern customer buying journey and will demonstrate how to halve your time to web.
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Digitisation of the Dealership
How is the car buyer changing? How will it affect your business? What are the biggest challenges as digitisation becomes more widespread? These are just a few regularly asked questions which we help dealers find the answers to.
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Entries for the 2019 CitNOW Awards are now closed
Entry for this year’s awards are now closed and once again, the standard is extremely high. Our judges will be looking for videos which have had a huge impact and are deserving of recognition for hitting the nail on the head or being a bit out of the ordinary. Will you be one of the winners?
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Video of the Month - June 2019
Renault Newtownards - Nicole Mcilwaine
A perfectly delivered presentation packed with information and detail. This video starts with a personalised introduction and shows off the car with its most interesting features. The video presentation earned Nicole a well deserved top-star rating.
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Exploring latest consumers attitudes to car buying
October Feature Highlight: Web Review
Web Review allows for quality control of digital assets before publishing to a live environment. Videos and images can be individually approved or rejected, with an easy to use, intuitive interface. Watch our ‘how to’ video now to see it in action.
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Maasai people put our old laptops to good use
We are delighted to bring you an update on our partnership with the Maasai people in Kenya. They are creating a new way of life after having to abandon their traditional nomadic lifestyle.
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Making the most out of your CitNOW Dashboard
We’ve produced a quick and easy guide to the CitNOW dashboard. Get the most out of the information, stats, facts and figures, available to you to maximise the use of video in your business.
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