Google backs video | 2019 predictions | New Academy Learning System

Google backs video as a game changer

"Last year, in a declining market, I increased my profits by 37%. I spent less money and sold more cars than I have in 25 years''
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Why retailers rely on video 

A better experience, higher customer satisfaction, here's why retailers rely on video to increase customer impact.
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Automotive video in 2019  

Here’s what we think will be influential in the world of video communications for automotive retailers in 2019.
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Video of the month - xxxx

Welcome Back! 

With the Christmas decorations packed away for another year and our New Year’s resolutions firmly in place (hopefully!), we would like to welcome you all back and wish you a prosperous 2019.
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CitNOW Tips & Tricks

Simple steps on adding a user

User management is available to all dealer and group managers, with this you can add new users, or remove old ones, check it out here.
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CitNOW Product Development

Simple, fast learning support

In 2019 CitNOW will roll out its all new learning platform. Head of CitNOW Academy, Amir Rizvi, explains what this means: simpler, faster, scaleable and long lasting learning.
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Bristol Street Motors Birmingham

Tackling the difficult task of delivering bad news, this video is a step-by-step guide on how to do it properly, courteously and informatively.

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